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Claims Management

Claims management is an integral part of the Vidal & Rodríguez service. As brokers our prime responsibility is to you, our client.

Our claims strategies provide our clients with expedient and cost effective outcomes through:

  • Pro-active claims handling – minimizing claims costs and losses
  • Claims analysis
  • Claims training

These strategies and capabilities ensure a full claims management service – from incident reporting and response/acknowledgement all the way through claim resolution. Our objective is to manage all claims efficiently in order to minimize damage and loss and resultant insurance premiums, to deliver timely and accurate claims management reports and deliver access to reliable claims management systems and procedures.

At Vidal & Rodríguez we take an active role in the management of your claims. Our Service Team is committed to assuring you receive prompt and fair treatment for any claim involving coverage extended by your insurance program, to you or your company.

Loss Control / Risk Management

A successful Loss Control/Risk Management program is based on a successful partnership between Vidal & Rodríguez, you and your insurance carrier. As a team, all parties must work together to protect your business and assets and to prevent future loss. We will provide you with technical advice, resources, and assistance in developing, improving and monitoring an effective Loss Control/Risk Management program by:

  • Reviewing your current Loss Control/Risk Management program;
  • Analyzing loss data to identify specific areas which generate the greatest claim frequency;
  • Reviewing your current environment and operations, including your physical assets, personnel practices, and organization of management;
  • Conducting visits to all locations to develop a risk profile and to define management and insurance carrier responsibilities;
  • Developing, improving, and implementing a Loss Control/Risk Management program with a written plan of expectations;
  • Establishing a meeting schedule to review and discuss safety and loss analysis reports with management and/or staff as required by your insurance carrier.